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Texas NENA 2nd VP Candidates

Leticia "Tish" Truex


My name is Leticia, better known as Tish to my 9-1-1 colleagues, and I am honored to be running for the office of 2nd Vice President of Texas NENA. With 14 years of experience at the Potter Randall County Emergency Communications District in Amarillo, Texas, I have dedicated my career to enhancing public safety through education and community engagement.


As the Public Marketing Coordinator, I educate residents of both Potter and Randall counties at schools, community events, and online. I have also served as the Texas NENA Panhandle Regional Coordinator since 2016, contributing to our regional initiatives and collaborations. Additionally, I am the Publicity Committee Chair for the Texas Public Safety Conference and actively participate in several other roles to advance our mission.

My professional affiliations with NENA and APCO have been integral to my career. In 2019, I served as the Awards Committee Chair for the APCO Texas Chapter, recognizing outstanding contributions in our field. Currently, as a member of the 9-1-1 Public Educators of Texas, I serve as the Immediate Past President and Treasurer. I have been honored with the 9-1-1 Public Educator of the Quarter award in October 2014 and the Texas NENA Public Education Professional of the Year award in 2015.


These experiences have equipped me with the skills and insights necessary to effectively serve as your 2nd Vice President. I am committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence in our emergency communications systems.


I am passionate about our mission and believe in the power of teamwork to improve public safety. I would be privileged to serve as your 2nd Vice President and work towards a safer, better-informed Texas. Thank you for your support.

Melanie Gutierrez


Melanie Gutierrez, currently a Training Coordinator for the Pharr Public Safety Communications Department (PSC 9-1-1) has over 13 years in the profession of public safety, with experience in civil process, police, fire, and Ems in multi-jurisdictional agencies. 


Melanie began her career in 2008 as a Telecommunications Operator for the City of Alamo, a small- town one dispatcher agency. The journey of Melanie’s career took off with taking a chance in applying for the telecommunicator officer position, not knowing what she was getting herself into, all she knew was that she needed a better job opportunity based on the fact that she did not have a higher education other than her diploma and no experience or knowledge in the public safety profession. Being an adrenaline junky, it was a whole new experience that Melanie fell in love with. Just knowing that every situation had a different type of urgency, with every     

counting second, she was making a difference in getting the matter addressed as quickly as possibly just simply by sitting behind a desk and answering the phone.


Dedicated to the profession she became one of four supervisors of 28 TCO’s. With the inspiration of further growth and the passion to share her knowledge became a licensed TCOLE instructor. With heartwarming desire to continue on making a difference to not only to the public but also to telecommunicators all around, she is now joined at her side by Maya, a 2 year old Great Dane, who is the departments Emotional Support Therapy Dog. Maya accompanies her everywhere, to teaching classes, events and site visits. 


In 2022, Melanie joined the Texas NENA Board becoming the South Regional Coordinator. She is currently Chair for the Texas Border Coalition and served as the NENA 2023 Conference Volunteer Co-Chair. Melanie holds membership on both NENA and APCO and was the Texas NENA Training Coordinator of the year in 2022.  

Shinar Haynes


Shinar Haynes is former NENA Coordinator for the North Region of Texas. She is the CEO of Responder Services Consulting working with public safety and emergency management agencies.

Her public safety career that began in 2003 with the Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications (DPSC). In 2015, Shinar moved to New Orleans to lead the newly consolidated Orleans Parish Communication District (OPCD) and was appointed as the agency’s first Director of Operations. Most recently she served as the Executive Director for Tarrant County 9-1-1.

Shinar is among the elite group of Certification Public Safety Executives (CPE) and Registered Public Safety Leaders (RPL). She also holds a Master of Business Administration in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology. She is an active member of APCO, NENA, IAED, IAEM, SHRM, and PERF.

Troy Crayton, ENP


My name is Troy Cayton, the Assistant Communications Manager for Baytown Public Safety. I have spent the last nine years in the 911 services sector, all within Baytown Public Safety. My career began as a Telecommunicator, where I honed my skills in handling emergency calls and providing critical support. Over the years, I advanced to the role of shift supervisor, taking on more responsibilities and leading my team with dedication and precision.

Now, as the Assistant Communications Manager, I assist the Communications Manager in overseeing the operations and strategic planning of our communications department. My focus has always been on the development of others, ensuring that each member of my team is equipped with the skills and confidence needed to excel in their roles. I am passionate about fostering a supportive and efficient working environment where continuous learning and growth are encouraged.

In my current role, I am committed to enhancing our communication systems and processes, always striving for excellence in public safety. I believe that by investing in the growth and development of our team, we can better serve our community and respond effectively to emergencies.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as Tx NENA’s 2nd Vice President. I appreciate your vote.

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