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Kelle Hall

Secretary | Texas NENA

Communication Manager

Highland Park DPS

Kelle Hall began her current role as the Communications Manager for the Town of Highland Park Department of Safety in June 2012.  Previously, she worked for the Randall County Sheriff’s Office in Amarillo, gaining the rank of Lieutenant, before retiring after almost 25 years.  Prior to that, she worked for the Amarillo Police Department for 2 years as a Communications Officer. 

She holds her associate degree from Richland College and is currently working on her bachelor’s degree from Tarleton State University studying Public Administration.  She is proud to have the CPE certification through APCO International, and she is also a graduate of the Leadership Command College through LEMIT (Law Enforcement Management Institute of Texas).  Kelle has over 3200 TCOLE training hours.

Certifications & licenses held:

  • Certified Public Safety Executive, APCO International

  • TCOLE Master Telecommunicator

  • TCOLE Master Peace Officer

  • TCOLE Master Jailer

  • TCOLE Instructor

Kelle is a passionate advocate for public safety communications professionals.  She is excited about serving on the TX NENA board as secretary.  Her committee involvement also includes two appointments through APCO International, where she serves as the chairperson for the APCO Institute Advisory Committee.  She also conducts Occupational Analysis workshops for the APCO Standards and Development Occupational Analysis Sub-Committee.  She is most excited about “Let’s Dish!”, which she began facilitating in February of this year.  Let’s Dish is a collaboration between Texas NENA and Texas APCO which addresses culture in ECC’s across Texas. 

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