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A Word From President Pamela Frisk



Members of NENA in the Great State of Texas,

I humbly accept the role of TX NENA President and vow to

serve y'all with dedication, integrity, and transparency.

As we embark on this new journey together, I want to focus on

growing our membership and ensuring that our organization

continues to thrive. I am honored to work alongside the

TX NENA Board to make a positive difference in our industry.

 I am confident in our collective abilities to achieve great things.

I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead.  However, as we move forward, it is important that we address the staffing and retention issues facing the 9-1-1 industry. We must look at innovative ways to attract and retain talent.  Our dedicated emergency communications professionals are the backbone of this profession, and we must ensure that they receive the support and resources they need to succeed.  

I want to make a few promises to the membership.  I promise to recognize the individual talents, histories, and opinions of each member.  I promise to ensure communication at all levels of membership.  Lastly, I promise to inspire and support each member to reach their full potential in this profession as well as in their lives.

In return, I ask for each member to promise me two things.  First, please remember the “why” behind your reasons you are in 9-1-1 emergency communications.  This ‘why’ will sustain you with each call you take.  And finally, please remember that while we may not always agree on everything, we should respect one another – because ultimately, we are bound together by our passion for saving lives. 

I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the coming year to make Texas NENA stronger, more dynamic, and more focused on the needs of our members. Together, we can achieve great things and continue to improve the vital services we provide to our communities.

Yours in Service,

Pamela Frisk

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