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Rosemary Contreras

Treasurer | Texas NENA

Planner 1 - GIS Department

Rio Grande Valley E.C.D.

Rosemary Contreras worked for Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council before the Regional 9-1-1 Program became the Rio Grande Valley Emergency Communication District (RGVECD 9-1-1).  

She started working for the 9-1-1 Department, not understanding how 9-1-1 worked or what it entailed. As she gained more experience in 9-1-1, she started to see all the background processes of delivering a 9-1-1 call. It’s not just the delivery of calls, but everything from Addressing and GIS to Public Education.

She believes there is so much more to learn and is extremely excited to continue learning.  Rosemary has transitioned to the GIS Department and has been working with GIS for the last 3 years.  She enjoys learning new tips and tricks regarding GIS and hopes to continue learning not only GIS but everything that revolves around 9-1-1.

She hopes to continue being a part of the Texas NENA Board, which allows her to meet and work with some of the amazing 9-1-1 professionals.

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