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Toni Dunne, ENP

Chapter Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM) | Texas NENA

NGCS Customer Success Manager

Motorola Solutions

Toni is a certified Emergency Number Professional (ENP) with over 33 years in the public safety industry. Her array of experience includes Training and Accessibility Programs, PSAP Relations, Government and Regulatory Affairs, Marketing Analyst, and currently serves as a Customer Success Manager for Motorola Solutions, working with customers transitioning to the Next Gen platform for 9-1-1.


Throughout her career, she has been a staunch advocate for equal access to emergency services for individuals who are Deaf, Deaf Blind, Hard of Hearing, and/or have Speech disabilities and has been honored with several national awards, to include the NENA President's Award and the NENA Hall of Fame. She has been recognized by TDI as one of 30 individuals in the United States who have produced the greatest impact on telecommunications accessibility and was honored to be included in the book "A New Civil Right" by Karen Peltz Strauss. On the 50th Anniversary of 9-1-1, NENA recognized her in the top 50 individuals instrumental in the conception and development of 9-1-1.


At the National level Toni served on the NENA Executive Board as the Southeast Regional Director, the FCC Emergency Access Advisory Committee, co-chaired the FCC Disability Advisory Committee' Emergency Communications Subcommittee, and was on the steering committee that developed the NG 9-1-1 Roadmap for the National 9-1-1 Office in 2019. For almost ten years she chaired the NENA International Committee and currently co-chairs the NENA Real-Time Text (RTT) Work Group, the Accessibility Committee’s Emergency Notification for People with Disabilities, Women in 9-1-1 (WIN), and the new TEAM –NENA’s new Transformative Empowerment and Mentoring Program.


Toni is a past President of the Texas NENA Chapter and the Texas APCO Chapter. She is very pleased to be involved again with the chapter serving as Chair of the TX NENA International Border Coalition, Legislative Committee and as a Chapter Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM).

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